About Us


Guelph Tomorrow (GT)

Is about creating a greater city for all citizens

Our Mission

* Standing for the rights of Public Participation in the city’s public business

* Providing the Corporate quarterly financial summaries to all Guelph Hydro customers

* Show respect for all citizens by staff and elected officials by replying promptly to citizen’s questions and cooperate for resolutions.

About Us & Our Principles

*  We believe in public participation in all matters involving the public’s business.

*  We believe in open government, accountability and transparency.

*  We believe in open voting including online voting starting in 2020.

*  We believe in civility and courtesy in any interaction between citizen’s and city staff and elected councillors.

*  We Believe that all taxpayers and businesses should be informed of the city’s finances on a quarterly basis and information be sent through the Guelph power mailing system,.

Who We Are!

Working towards a greater city for tomorrow.

 We are concerned citizens who believe together we can achieve a city for all of the people.

It started a few months ago; as the idea of working toward convincing citizens to vote would create the new council that needs the changes that we feel. We are non-partisan and non-profit (although a little help from our friends) out there that share our views on change to our city that affect all citizens, not the few.

For example, industrial development is a key, we believe in creating jobs and prosperity. What do we mean “Industrial?” It is a collection of companies that create categories ranging from the auto industry to technology in a wide variety of highly skilled software firms from agriculture to transmissions.

Guelph has not changed the ratio of Residential assessment compared to the Industrial/Commercial assessment for 15 years. Some 84 percent of property tax revenue is paid by Residential assessment. Only 16 percent is derived from Industrial and Commercial assessment.

There are no corporations, trade unions or political parties involved in the work of the organization. We believe that the dominance of the progressive left in the past 12 years must end. This is the citizens’ one and only opportunity to make their vote count and elect responsible and informed councillors to return the city to be financially sound and to maintain vital civic services.

Therefore, GT’s goal is to encourage voters to cast their ballot and launch a new era in Guelph that serves all citizens.

Next Steps…

Please feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts.

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