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At Guelph Tomorrow, the door is always open for your thoughts and opinion

September 30, 2018


At Guelph Tomorrow, the door is always open for your thoughts and opinion

At Guelph Tomorrow, the door is always open for your thoughts and opinions

Let yourself go! Join the crowd of folks who want their voices heard.

Guelph tomorrow is about progress, safety and protection of citizen’s job opportunities and development of the human mind to live better, to build a sense of community with diversity and goodwill as the hallmark of peace and harmony.

Guelph Tomorrow is a forum for expressing your ideas, preferences and opinions about our city administration and the promising future.

Guelph is an outstanding example of a rapidly growing community that still has the small town feel but is maturing into one of the outstanding municipalities in the country. The natural setting of our city wedged between two rivers and being close to other communities on the edge of the Greater Toronto Area, the GTA. It represents an exceptional opportunity for Guelph tomorrow.

But it is not perfect and changes must be made to make tomorrow even better for all citizens.

A forum provides an electronic opportunity to express oneself. There are some restrictions but in the main we are all humans with an active sense and desire to exchange views with others.

Viewers are welcome to comment on the direction and content in GuelphTomorrow.ca. Rules are no profanity, trolls will be rejected, comments are limited to 150 words.

This is just the beginning of great content and opinion that will inform citizens and perhaps entertain. Look for regular updates and news to provide a non-partisan point of view.

So, all you have to do is sign in at guelphtomorrow.ca and Let yourself go!

Here are the only rules using the “GT forum Have Your Say:” No profanity or personal attacks on anyone. Please limit your comments to 130 words (there will be exceptions when the editor feels the content should receive more space). Want to secure your identity? Provide your real name, address and choose a pseudonym. That’s all there is to it. The editor reserves the right to refuse or edit comments for punctuation, length or legal issues.

Let’s hear from you!

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