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Guelph Tomorrow is about creating a greater city for all citizens

September 27, 2018


Guelph Tomorrow is about creating a greater city for all citizens

Guelph Tomorrow (GT) is the creation of a number of citizens about the future course of our city and its administration. The group, composed of citizens from across the city, is non-partisan and the organization is non-profit.

There are no corporations, trade unions or political parties involved in the work of the organization. We believe that the dominance of the progressive left in the past 12 years must end. This is the citizens’ one and only opportunity to make their vote count and elect responsible and informed councilors to return the city to be financially sound and maintain vital civic services.

Therefore, GT’s goal is to encourage voters to cast their ballot and launch a new era in Guelph that serves all citizens.

Of course there will be bumps along the way. There will also be a period of adjustments for new Councillors as the governance rules and protocols will change over time and to some it will be a steep learning opportunity.

We believe there are better ways to run our city. We will propose some of these in future posts of GT.

The GT blog is a living entity with regular updates and commentary concerning development of our community.

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