MISSION – For Accountability, Transparency and Open Government

September 24, 2018


MISSION – For Accountability, Transparency and Open Government

The following four paragraphs outline our principles:

* Standing for Public Participation in in all aspects of the public business.

* Reviewing all city assets, governance protocols including bylaws and reserve funds status.

* Providing quarterly City of Guelph financial summaries distributed to all Guelph Hydro customers

* Showing respect for all citizens directed to staff and elected officials by replying promptly to citizen’s questions and cooperate to reach resolutions.

Why this election needs your vote

Guelphtomorrow.ca recognizes that for the past 12 years, Guelph has been dominated by a majority on council that has divided our city.This has resulted in an imbalance among many citizens in which there has been case after case of mismanagement resulting in millions being wasted at the expense of capital projects needed to serve the growing population of our city. It has also resulted in annual property tax increases to pay for these mistakes making Guelph one of the highest taxed municipalities in Ontario.

The time has arrived for all citizens to express their view to change the new city council to staunch the appetite to keep increasing the property tax and user fee base. It has been too easy ,to pay for projects that the greater number of citizens did not request or participate in the decisions.

To change this, be sure and vote October 22. It only comes every four years so voting a strong council is vital to Guelph Tomorrow.



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