Looking Back

Often a recall of the past helps shape the future

September 30, 2018


Often a recall of the past helps shape the future

The following are two posts taken from the archives that reflect events that have directly affected our city. These contain material that was never covered by the local media. But then we can’t change that. They are all owned and controlled by Corporations that are not resident in Guelph.

Ever since Metroland Publishing Corporation, a subsidiary of the Toronto Star, shut down the Guelph Mercury daily newspaper in January 2016, the city lost its only home- based media.

Today citizens are fed a regular diet of meatball journalism such as: Police blotter and city administration handouts; commentary often sourced outside the community; no investigative reporting; set-up of favourable photo ops; total absence of financial reporting; sloppy editing; milktoast local commentary.

Summing up the medias covering our city is journalism light, little substance and a don’t- rock- the-boat mentality.

And that, friends is why we live in a controlled political environment that destroys the elements of democracy and the right of citizens to participate in the business of their city.

Following two stories were published in 2017 and 2012. Judge for yourselves.

We deserve better .

How Guelph can go broke not controlling public employee compensation

Former CAO Ann Pappert paid $489,818 for 17 months work, then resigned

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