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Your donation will provide a check and balance of our city’s administration is dedicated to informing residents of how their city is being managed. It is not only a citizen’s activist association but also a platform for public participation convening the October 22 civic election and beyond.

If you have come this far reading the material espousing a better city, then thank you. GT is not about negativity or using rhetoric to be critical of the administration, it is about fair comment, accurate information and essentially being positive.

We are not a bunch of ideologues threatening to destroy the foundations of culture and safety already established. We are Guelph and represent all aspects of the political spectrum. We are interested in progress, progress that affects all people.

Our only vehicle is In order to maintain a high standard of journalism, it requires funding for advertising and operations. Nobody gets paid and all donations, big or small, go toward maintaining the website and community participation.

Our goal is to represent all the people of Guelph in the public service arena because there is no media that accepts the responsibility of investigation of the administration and its frequent lack of accountability and open government. The very fact the current city council held 82 closed-session meetings in two years is the antithesis of accountability and transparency.

You don’t have to look far to understand why it is necessary to question, investigate and seek the truth, particularly in reporting the facts of finances and spending. We believe that the citizens need quarterly financial summaries that detail status of projects, spending including capital projects, and cash positions including reserves, bank accounts and investments.

We hope you will follow GT and share your views. Opinion pieces are most welcome. During the election campaign, advertising cannot be accepted so to retain our independence.

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Thanks for your support.

P.S. We will publish a financial statement following the civic election.

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