There are candidates who understand Common Sense and Sensibility

September 30, 2018


There are candidates who understand Common Sense and Sensibility


The year of the re-elected incumbents and council numbers do not change


If the election proved anything , the progressives, with a lot of help from the provincial branch of the NDP remain in the majority for another four years.

It is the first time in memory that there has been such overt support coming from a provincial political party in our civic election. Obviously we will have to wait until the candidates file their election financial statements to see how the NDP contribution was reported, in cash or in kind.

That victory of the six incumbents plus Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon secured the majority for the progressives.

Now Mark MacKinnon is a councillor who holds the swing vote as he has supported the progressives on many issues in the past four years. It will be interesting to see if Mayor Guthrie is able to lure him to support his agenda.

You will recall that what Former Mayor Karen Farbridge did when she persuaded rookie Councillor Todd Dennis to her team in 2010. She needed that vote. His reward was being named to the Guelph Municipal Holdings Inc. board of directors. He joined Councillors June Hofland, Karl Wettstein and Lise Burcher on the GMHI board.

June Hofland is the only remaining councillor who served for four years on the GMHI board.

Today, the total loss of public money on that GMHI experience will probably never be known although in 2016 it was reported to be $17 million and rising.

Mayor Guthrie made a number of promises during the campaign including spending more on policing of the city, the Baker Street $350 million renovation project partnering with an Ottawa development firm. Piggy backing on that proposal was the promise that a new downtown library will be the key component of the project.

He also promised that  in his first term shovels will go in the ground to build the $63 million South End Recreation Centre. More than $3.3 million has already been spent on that projects for planning and design.

During the recent campaign, the current cost of ongoing projects was never discussed. These include the Wilson Street parking garage, the Guelph police headquarters renovation, the Victor Davis east end renovation. and the Innovation Guelph satellite city project to be developed on the 1.077-acre Reformatory lands owned by the province.

These are just some of the challenges facing the new council.

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  1. Mary Thring

    Hello and congratulations on launching this very necessary information service for Guelph. I'm glad to have been noted in your list of candidates, but quibble with being included as a member of Team Progressive. While I'm glad that Aggie's candidacy is preventing the incumbent mayor from attaining acclamation and at least providing opportunity for debate and some exchange of ideas, I am not now, nor have I ever been affiliated with the NDP. I am a candidate for over 19,000 voters in Ward 2, and have stated up front and as often as I can that I believe that to be effective, a counsellor should not represent any special interest group, and be willing to listen to and balance the interests of all constituents. Since the beginning of the campaign, I have been approached by a gamut of groups from left to right, large and small, asking me to make various pledges or promises in support of a range of agendas. Unlike my fellow candidates, I have neither made nor accepted endorsements from any group, nor do I represent any of the entrenched Guelph special interests. I believe in fairness, openness, and clear, factual communication from people who commit to public service. I believe that to really look at the kind of Guelph we want tomorrow, we must understand our past, and work towards some kind of consensus on a creative, responsible and responsive vision for our city for the 21st century and beyond. That's why I'm running and that's what I want to see more of from City Hall.

    • Gerry

      Thanks Mary: we will transfer you to the unattached Wild Card category. Good Luck in your quest. GT

  2. Charlene Downey

    I would like to see your evidence of my participation on the Guthrie Team, I have not gone campaigning with him, nor he with me. If you have evidence I would certainly appreciate knowing of it as I was completely unaware I was part of any team but Team Guelph.

    • Gerry

      Charlene: Please tell us what list you should be on. Voters want to know in order to make a decision. It is our opinion that there are a number of independent voters who want to know where candidates stand. Guelph Tomorrow will be publishing the challenges facing the new council. GT

  3. So what am I on your list?

    • Gerry

      Eli: We are not sure about your affiliation.Please tell us which list you should be on, Okay? GT

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