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Toronto Maple Leafs Camp

September 3, 2018


Toronto Maple Leafs Camp


Pittsburg shuts down the Leaf’s power in 3-0 loss

It had to happen sooner or later but questions come up as to what happened. The Pens goals was hot and  the Leaf snipers had a serious power failure putting the puck past him.

It was a tight game up until the last two minutes when the Leaf’s pulled goalie Freddy Anderson to put six shooters onn the ice. The reasult to open net goals for the Pens.

Next game is Saturday Night against the St Louis Blues and Coach Babcock will be making adjustments to restart the scoring machine that he has created.

Speaking of the Blues, Tuxedo was one unhappy cat as cruised around the neighbourhood chasing rabbits and chipmunks.  I asked him about the Thursday loss to the Pens and he replied with one work ” Nylander.”

Signing the shifty and fast  player who is a holdout who the Leaf’s are going overseas to persuade him to agree to a new contract and come home to his team.


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