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September 30, 2018


Your daily link to the Toronto Maple Leafs

Leaf’s power offense sputters without Mathews

What is it about home ice? The Toronto attack seems to forget where home is and the friendlies in the crowd.

Losing to Calgary and then Dallas without the Big M must be giving coach Babcock scratching his head. The club is loaded with talent but seems to sag when it come to playing on home ice.

Speaking of Mathews, that hit he took from Winnipeg’s D-man Jakob  Trumpa occurred right at the whistle to stop the play and should have been reviewed by the NHL. Mathews didn’t have the puck at the edge of the crease and was charged by Trumpa in that split second before or after the play was whistled dead.

In all the years Wayne Gretzky tore up the league but was rarely hurt was because he was always protected by a team mate. He was also a very skilled player who knew when to avoid the efforts by a variety of goons to get him out of the game.

We hope Austin Mathews heals quickly and is able to put more life  into the Leaf’s sagging offense.

Saturday, the Leafs meet the Penguins in Pittsburgh.

Let’s touch base with our favourite hockey cat, Tuxedo, for his views on the match.

“Tell me Tux what us your view of the falling Leaves?”

“Good play on words, smart mouth, but this is serious. There are too many up and comer young players who are not ready for prime time. Boss Babcock has to take what GM Kyle Dubas gives him and with Shanahan’s green light.

“What about the Penguin game?” I asked.

“Leafs 3-2 in overtime. Marner gets the winner.”

Tuxedo was only getting wound up.

“This is another year in the rebuilding program and the team has yet to survive the playoffs’ first round. Might as well trade Nylander for two good  journeymen and some draft picks. Management has no choice because by the end of the month Nylander is out for the season.  Still cannot figure out why he is walking away from millions but I hear daddy is involved. Sayonara fruitcake. You’ll like Minnesota.”

“Tux, that’s harsh. What’s wrong with playing for the Wild in Minnesota?”

“Can’t stand those crazy guys wearing the cow-horn helmets pretending they are Noresmen. I’m off to see a friend, heh, heh.”

From out of the mouths of cats.

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